Ninase holiday village is located in Tagaranna, Saaremaa, in a beautiful pine forest by the sea - in the holiday village you can enjoy the picturesque nature of Saaremaa and spend time in the way you like and with your company. Come to enjoy the silence alone or to experience beautiful moments with your loved one, to have fun with a large family or to celebrate an event with a group of friends. We are waiting for everyone! 

The seaside holiday village has a total of 50 beds in two- and three-person campsites and two larger houses. In the case of a larger group, additional places can be created by camping among the pine trees. 

The holiday village has a fully equipped kitchen for guests to use, we offer the possibility to order breakfast, lunch or dinner in advance. For larger events, we are also happy to help organize catering. 

To enjoy sauna pleasures, there is a sauna house in the holiday village, which offers both good hot steam and beautiful views of the surrounding nature from the terrace during breath breaks. 

The beach, located a stone's throw from the holiday village buildings, offers refreshing refreshment to both sauna lovers and other water enthusiasts. 

See you in Tagaranna, Ninas holiday village!


The seaside holiday village offers
accommodation in two- and three-
person campsites and in two larger houses, providing indoor housing for 50 people in total.


Our visitors are welcome to use our fully-equipped kitchen to prepare their own meals throughout their stay, or pre-order breakfast, lunch or dinner from us.


Alongside with enjoying the hot steam in the sauna, our sauna-visitors can unwind in the fresh air on the sauna's terrace and take refreshing dips in the sea.