There are 10 two-person and 2 three-person campsites in the holiday village, which can be rented both individually and in multiples. A total of 26 people can be accommodated in the campsites. All campsites have single beds and a small seating area. The washrooms are shared and located in the sauna house. 

The kitchen house has accommodation for 12 people - the beds are located in an open space on the second floor. Guests staying in the kitchen house can use the washrooms in the sauna house. 

The sauna house can also accommodate 12 people. On the first floor of the sauna house there is a sauna, an antechamber of the sauna and a terrace opening to the evening sun. In addition to the washroom in the sauna, there are also communal washrooms at the front of the sauna house. 

A total of 50 people can be comfortably accommodated indoors at the Ninas holiday village. If necessary, additional places can be found in tents in the forest. 

Bed linen and a bath towel are provided for all overnight guests. 

Prior reservation is required to visit Ninas holiday village - find out about different options and ask for a price quote by e-mail or by calling +3725110724.